Model: Waterproof 350W beam light LS-Y004
Series: Moving head beam light
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Technical Parameters

Input voltage: AC90-245V 50-60Hz

Light source power: 350W Total power: 500W

Light source theory life of more than 1500 hours Lamp color temperature: 7800K

Focus: linear electric focus

One color temperature: 2500K, 3200K two color temperature optional (optional)

Dimming: Smooth dimming without flicker

Light Source: YODN MSD 350W Ballast: YODN MSD R17

Strobe: Independent strobe, 0.5-20 times / sec adjustable

Color / pattern / effect Color wheel: 11 color film (can be customized CMY)

Beam angle: 2 °

Lens diameter: 170mm

Fixed pattern plate 12 + 1 + bi-directional jitter, animation, water effects

Prism 16 prism +8 prism (standard, customizable)

Control mode: DMX 512, self-propelled, master and slave

Rotation angle: X-axis 540 degrees, Y-axis 275 degrees can automatically correct positioning

Channel: Standard 16 channels with CMY 20 channels

Protection class: IP55

Light body size: 418 * 378 * 620 (mm) 25kg Wooden size: 485 * 445 * 630mm 28kg

Air box: 500 * 435 * 830mm 44kg 1pcs 925 * 515 * 830mm 82kg 2pcs

Lighting Materials: The high strength PA66, with high temperature, UV resistance, flame retardant, anti-aging wear, lightweight drop and other features

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