Model: 260W beam light LS-Y005
Series: Moving head beam light
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The new 260W beam is thicker than 330w

Brighter than the 330w brighter

The effect of victory 330w

The price is higher than the 330w

Practical &#118alue is higher!


Spend more &#118alue!

230W beam light 330W beam light effect and brightness

Technical Parameters

Power: ACIOOV a 240V

Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Ballast: Electronic ballast

Light source: Japan Phoenix bulbs

Lamp power: 260W

Color temperature: 8500K

Average life expectancy: 2000H (light bulb and reflective cup overall package, higher luminous efficiency, longer service life)

Motor Quantity: A total of 14 mute motor, XY three-phase motor

Dimming: 0 a 100% linear adjustment

Fixed color: 14 color film + white light (can be half-color effect)

Static pattern: 11 fixed plans + white + plus 4-6 glass designs according to customer requirements

Prism: 8 Prism / 16 Prism / 24 Prism Optional Cellular Prism Effect, Double Prism Can Stack Two-way Independent Rotation)

Seven color film: a six-color film (can do colorful effects)

Atomization: An independent atomization effect, light and soft natural

Control channel: 16CH / 20CH channel can be switched,

Size: 32 * 22 * ​​58 (L * W * H)

control signal. International standard DMX512

Appearance: high temperature plastic

Light body color: black / orange / blue optional

Protection level: P20

Net weight: 14.8kg

Special Note: This lamp change bulb holder parts for 230w a 330W bulb, suitable for a variety of light sources.

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