Model: Waterproof Par light LED54*3W LS-L003
Series: LED Par light
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LED54 3W waterproof par light

Product introduction

Technical Parameters: 

Wide voltage: AC110V - 240V General Rated power: 165W

Bulbs: 54 3WLED high brightness lamp beads, high power 3WLED (R: 12, G: 18, B: 18 W: 60 PCS) with long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption.

Channel: 8 DMX channels.

Control: DMX control, master and slave mode, automatic mode, voice mode (adjustable voice sensitivity).

Color mixing effect: flexible RGBW mixed color adjustment, HSL mixed color adjustment, lighting division are very accustomed to the adjustment method.

■ a variety of strobe effects and color rainbow function

■ LED digital display menu,

■ Lamps adopt PFC power factor correction switching power supply, PF> 0.99, efficiency up to 90%, the real green.

Waterproof rating: IP68

Size (L × W × H): 330 * 232 * 290mm

Weight: 7.8kg

■ Applies to: The revolutionary beauty of the United States and the United States of America, the revolutionary lighting (completely replace the traditional: PAR64, spotlights, color lights and other lighting fixtures and theaters, auditoriums, T-Taiwan, the stage, concerts, concerts and other venues Landscape lighting, music fountain, garden lighting.


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