Model: 230W Beam light colorful biprism LS-Y002
Series: Moving head beam light
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New colorful honeycomb biprism 230W beam light classic three colors only for choice: traditional black, classic white, flirtatious orange, black represents the eternal, white represents the long, orange represents joy.

Technical Parameters

Power / voltage: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Bulb Model: Imported OSRAM 7R / Philips 5R

Inductance ballast and AC / DC switching power supply

Power: 230W

Luminous flux of 7950lm, color temperature up to 8000K.

Color plate: a color plate, each color plate consists of 14 color film,

Pattern plate: 17 fixed pattern effects can also be customized to add 4-6 glass patterns

Double prism combination: 8 prisms +16 prisms or 8 +24 prisms or 16 + 24 prisms

Strobe / dimming: 0-100% mechanical dimming, support for mechanical strobe and strobe effects, strobe macro support.

Lens set optical system: electric focus, beam angle 0 ~ 4 °.

The use of optical reset system: When a misoperation occurs, it can automatically retrieve the reset.

Rotation angle: horizontal 540 °, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit, vertical 270 °, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit.

Configuration: Three-phase motor, mute design, run faster and more stable, dimming and tone patterns instantly converted.

Channel mode: DMX 16 channels can be extended 20-channel selection mode.

IP protection class: IP20, overheat protection.

Net weight: 16kg

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