Model: Waterproof 350W beam light LS-H007
Series: Moving head beam light
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Light source system: YODN 17R

Color system: color plate: 11 +1, rainbow effect

Pattern system: Pattern plate: 17 fixed pattern + white light

Focusing System: Electric Focusing

Linear dimming curve: 0% -100% linear dimming

Prism system: 8 prisms, rotatable, macro functions

Display: LCD display to adapt to different installation locations

Horizontal and vertical:

350 waterproof lamps can do 540 ° horizontal or 270 ° vertical scanning, fast and smooth,

Lighting set intelligent photoelectric reset correction system, occasionally malfunction, but also automatically reply

original position. In addition, more horizontal and vertical locking button, more convenient for maintenance and handling.

cooling system:

The use of CFD software to analyze the heat flow of lamps and lanterns, the design of low noise cooling system,

Fan drive performance, low noise

35W Waterproof Beam Light: Waterproof, fireproof and anticorrosion special black technology alloy shell, steel quality, super beam, effective distance up to 3km, landmark big summer, square, fountain dedicated, according to the field required matching intelligent lighting software Use, do not have to worry about the wind and waves, but also contempt for the sun and rain, not to worry so bad!

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